Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I've gone over to the sparkly side...

I've just made my first pair of earrings!  Made out of swarovski crystal and a glass bead.  Silver plated.

Now I have to learn how to take good pictures - any tips?  I'm such an awful photographer - I have shakey hands, so most of my pictures blur.  So any suggestions on how to take good pictures of jewellery would be much appreciated.


PepPop said...

Oh no you've ventured to the darkside :) Those spendy elves are gonna be battering down your door if you're gonna start making jewelry :) No seriously, they are lovely. What about a mini tripod to steady your camera? Jaqui x

flourgirl said...

Oh they look lovely, I love the Swarovski Crystals they are so sparkly. I bet you don't stop at one pair!!! before you know it you will have them in all colours lol xx