Saturday, 8 January 2011

Pop-up Card

Many people I know are having special birthdays this year, so I wanted to do something a bit different with my cards for them.

PepPop and Rainmac at MSE suggested a pop-up card.  There are loads of beautiful ones out there, but I decided to start with a very basic one to get me going.  This was the result.

The 50 is the pop up.  The white square at the bottom is to write the message on.

 From the side.  The glitter glue is still in the process of drying, and I will go over it again to fill in the little gaps that have appeared.

The 50 I did in word and printed it and cut out and then covered in glitter.  I cut some off at the bottom so it would sit straight and enable it to flatten when closed.  

I realise this isn't the best, but I just wanted to play around first.

Overall it looks quite effective, and now I get the idea - will be making a lot more of these I think!


dragonllew said...

That looks fab

Jazabelle said...

Thank you!

The Wife said...

Fab card and I love all the glitter.

Marg said...

Fab card I've never made a pop up card (or box) you've inspired me to have a go - thank you.

artydoll said...

fabulous card ,great glittered numbers.

Addams said...

Lovely card, love the 50, you have cut it out very well!

Rainmac said...

Wow, that is so effective, well done for trying something new x