Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Part of the 'whimsical range'.  A fairy bracelet consisting of a large fairy, a fairy village house and an enchanting toadstool.

 Rainy Days bracelet.  Mixed blue beads, lampwork beads and rainbow and umbrella charms.

Dragonfly bracelet.  Crackle and glass pink beads with dragonfly charms.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Two birthday cards

This first card is for a four year old boy.  The pirate and parrot are decoupaged.  I had to cut everything out - damn the non pop-out type! 

The second card is for a 20 year old boy who is a referee.  I found this one quite hard and had to search long and hard for a referee - they obviously aren't popular!  I then coloured it in.  I like the dark green background which has a texture to it that reminds me of grass.

Stardust Card

I've been wanting to make a card where the printing is directly on the card itself, but so far haven't had the guts in case it went wrong!  I then read a useful tip to print what you want on a normal piece of white paper - then blue tack the card onto the paper exactly where you want the design, then print it again.

For my first attempt I have used the lovely and popular sentiment 'Birthdays are ordinary days sprinkled with stardust.'  I thought it stood up on its own without the need for any other major embellishment.

  The birthday has stickles on it in 'Sequins' and stardust has glamour dust. 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Pop-up Card

Many people I know are having special birthdays this year, so I wanted to do something a bit different with my cards for them.

PepPop and Rainmac at MSE suggested a pop-up card.  There are loads of beautiful ones out there, but I decided to start with a very basic one to get me going.  This was the result.

The 50 is the pop up.  The white square at the bottom is to write the message on.

 From the side.  The glitter glue is still in the process of drying, and I will go over it again to fill in the little gaps that have appeared.

The 50 I did in word and printed it and cut out and then covered in glitter.  I cut some off at the bottom so it would sit straight and enable it to flatten when closed.  

I realise this isn't the best, but I just wanted to play around first.

Overall it looks quite effective, and now I get the idea - will be making a lot more of these I think!

Birthday Cards

I have made a start on this years birthday cards.  Still many to go!

A nautical theme card.  I love the Magic Motifs range - which allow you to put a sticky pattern down, that you can then fill it with any glitter you like.  On this I've used a boat and a seagull.

A customer at work is turning 90 next week, so I made her this simple balloon card.

The flower in the middle is made out of small beads, and sparkles really nicely.  The background paper has an elegant swirly pattern and it's finished off with leaf and flower embellishments.

  A card for any gardening fan.  The paper was too nice to stick anything over it, so I let it speak for itself and just added some flowers and a watering can to finish it off.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas!  Ours was very quiet.  I got some lovely craft stuff though.  First a new camera - yay!  It's great, I just have to figure out how to use it.  Also a natural light lamp, for taking photos and so I can see what I am working on.  Always helpful.

I got lots of new Swarovskis.  This picture is me sorting them out into storage pots.  I didn't get all of these for Christmas, by the way!

A lovely book on making wire jewellery!

From my MSE Secret Santa!  Lots of jewellery bits, as well as some very helpful templates not shown in the picture.


My aunt's cat Bonnie poses for my first picture.  She's very friendly and sweet.

Her gorgeous dog, Jay - exhausted by a day of begging for food!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Facebook Page

I now have a facebook page for my jewellery and eventually my cards.  I've also added bag charms and keyrings to my stuff.

To boost my 'likes' I've started a competition.  It's really simple - just 'like' Sparkly Place Jewellery and Cards on facebook and comment on the competition status.  As soon as I reach 100 likes, I will pick someone to win an item of their choice (using a random number generator.)